Monday, February 20, 2017

S2 E6 - The Bob & Lori Episode | We talk Suicide & Depression

Hey fam, this week’s conversation is dedicated to all that struggle with suicidal thoughts and depression. Depression can feel very lonely and unforgiving. You feel as though no one can relate but we disagree.

In today’s discussion we talk about the realities of dealing with depression and real steps you can take to address it.

This was just one sincere conversation about depression and suicide. There’s a lot we covered, but there’s so much more that we didn’t even get to. So please, keep talking. Say more.

I want to take a minute to really drive home the idea that feeling suicidal is not always a place or a space that a person can think their way out of on their own. Its very existence requires that ideas that seem “more rational”, in the very least, are difficult to access or act on.

And fighting depression, it’s relentless. It’s hard to realize that you are even in the clenches before you are deep in the hole with the darkness closing in. And fighting a battle so unforgiving and so personal and that damn stealthy… well, these are some of the strongest people among us humans. And we don’t give them enough credit.

QJ asks, if I only had one minute to help a person who is thinking of ending their life, what would I say… and during the conversation, I struggled with this question because I know so deeply that the response to a person feeling this low cannot be just some pocket line of supposed sunshine. Because they have likely been through a different pain than I could ever even begin to comprehend or imagine or think up.

If you feel this way, please know that you are not alone, you DO have choices.  Find  community, like a church. Make a new friend for which you can tell all your faults.  Finally, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 800.273.8255 if all else fails.

Just know that you...YES YOU are liked, your are loved but most importantly, you are OK.

You know who you are
“I am Moana”

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