Sunday, February 5, 2017

S2 E4 The Diedre Anthony Episode | “Are Those Your Kids?”, Curls & More

“Why do people always question my child’s identity and why are they questioning me being her mother, when it's obvious looking at the embrace between the two of us, that she is my child?”

Mother of two, Diedre Anthony searched for thoughts, ideas, and resources to help her navigate parenting in a multiracial family. Despite her efforts, she was surprised to come up short. So she created her own and intentionally titled it, “Are those Your kids?”.

Today we hear about her family, her blog, and we hash out racial stigma and identity assumptions as we talk through Diedre’s internal journey and experiences in motherhood.

This episode has great advice for giving multiracial kids a solid foundation of heritage, plus keyboard bully management AND we dig in about that curly hair!

So, with that, I hope you enjoy this week's episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. Big thanks to Diedre Anthony!

As always for anyone listening, just know that you are liked, you are loved, but most importantly, you are okay.

Diedre Anthony
Twitter: @rthoseyourkids
Instagram: arethoseyourkids

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