Sunday, January 29, 2017

S2 E3 - Chris Johnson | Sanity Check Time, Tolerate Intolerance & I Thought You Knew?

S2 E3 - Chris Johnson | Sanity Check Time, Tolerate Intolerance & I Thought You Knew?

There are times in your life where you just need a sanity check, you need to get with friends you trust to see if you’re crazy. With the current political climate and the state of our country, I do just that and that’s why I choose to sit down with Chris.

A pastor at Central Church, Chris and I both grew up in Baptist Church’s. The thing is, my version of Baptist and his are totally different. We talk about it. Then talk about the things we’re seeing going on in the world today.

Chris has a more conservative background than I . Given the conversation, I thought it may come in handy. I knew he’d be a great person to discuss some of my thoughts and feelings I’ve been battling with since the election. For me it comes down to the hypocrisy of it all. Makes me want to sing a little MJ, Man in the mirror.

The thing I love most about our conversation is that we can talk from different perspectives. It doesn’t feel confrontational, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, and it doesn’t feel fake.  It as real as it gets.  

In this conversation we talk about some hot button topics. We talk about politics, the conservative perspective, along with a more liberal view. The conversation get’s so real, we just go there and discuss Pro Life and Pro Choice scenarios.  I love these types of conversations because they create a space for seeing things differently.

It’s gets a little goofy at the end as I realize that old people are ruining the internet.

Thanks to Chris Johnson for the conversation. Please go check out Everything Is Light

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