Monday, April 10, 2017

S2 E11 - You Are Enough, Social Media Lies & Our Favorite Hair Products For The Kids

Spring is here, just remember spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to getting rid of excess stuff but all to getting rid of those people in your life that bring you down. Have a great week and just know that you are like, you are love but most importantly, you’re OK.

Mrs K stops by to keep me on track. Until Mixed Modern Family takes off, we still have regular 9 to 5 J-O-B’s. Mrs K, gently reminds me that we do these recordings sometimes far past the bewitching hour. That’s sends us down this week’s rabbit hole of goodness.

We also talk about some our favorite hair care products for the girls in the Mixed Chicks hair care line.  These products have been more than amazing for our kids. From the detanglers, to the brush. Mrs K and I dive into what works well for us and what we think you might like

Thank again to Mrs K from riding shotgun and being my partner... Love you turtle <3

Thanks to Mixed Chicks for allowing us to review you line
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