Monday, February 27, 2017

S2 E7 - The Eli Steele Episode | I am or How Jack Became Black

Have you ever wondered what the cultural experience is like for  those who are biracial or multicultural? This week we talk with multicultural film maker Eli Steele about his latest creation, “I am or How Jack Became Black”.

This film is a wonderful exploration into the reality multicultural people deal with in identifying with the different cultures that make up their ancestral background. Sometimes forced to check a box, Eli takes on a journey of exploration into the various experience of being multicultural

Eli has been a filmmaker for quite sometime now. With pilot projects for MTV as well as other previous work. What I find interesting about his film making it that he is partially deaf.  While this is not a topic of his latest film, it intrigue me to know how it impacts his filmmaking style...BUT please, do not take that as a criticism. It’s more of an acknowledgement of how being deaf could add another awesome dimension to the filmmaking process.  So enjoy this week's episode.

Thanks again to Eli Steele

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