Thursday, January 12, 2012

Got To Be Patient

Often times when trying to get my kid to calm down, the wife sings her a song about being patient.  The song has a simple but powerful message. Relax and (spoiler alert) be patient. As I deal with my personal and professional struggles, I can't help but be the complete opposite of patient. I'm annxious. I want something to happen and I want it NOW!!!.  I grew up in the instant gratification era.  If I was hungry, then there was always something to cook in the micro wave. If I wanted to beat a video game, I simply looked up the cheat code and bam!!! last level here I am. Unfortunately in there is no micro wave.  There are plenty of cheat  codes but, they're a little more complex than in the video game. The consequences associated with them are as well. Todays truth is tomorrows truth which was yesterdays truth. To get where you want to be you got to be patient.



Thing Of The Day To Be Happy About: Red wine

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