Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm Not Getting A Minivan!!!!

Once you have kids there are tons of scarfices you'll have to make. After doing some quick arithmetic, you'll realize how much you're going to need to save for college, not to mention diapers, and least we forget feeding the kid. It all can add up so quickly. Now if you come from a family well off, these issues might not apply ( they might ) to you. Also, if you're an excellent saver these issues might not apply. Plus you'll likely go straight for a minivan because it's the cheapest route.  Regardless, of where you come from financially, we're all faced with the task of figuring out how to transport our babies and all the accessories that travel with them.  Once we had our baby, my wife and I agreed that we needed to start becoming smarter shoppers. We  cut back on the eating out to start saving for college. We cut back on Netflix and cable to free up some cash. We even started a 529 college saving plan to help offset what is to be the ridiculous cost of college in 20 years. There are many places we have agreed to cut and trim for the future success of this family.  However, with that being said we both agreed to NEVER get a minivan. It's not that there's anything wrong with minivans, in fact they're actually pretty sweet now-a-days.  For those of you who have one I get it. You can put all your stuff in it. It's spacious, potentially good on gas, and most importantly affordable. As for my wife and I, we just don't want one. I've been a huge car buff my entire life. So, I thought I would just through out a few recommendations for anyone looking for a great alternative to the minivan. We own a Chevy Traverse. It's good on gas, has lots of space, but more importantly offers a lot more style. It's only flaw is that it can fill up quickly but, I think that may be a universal problem for all family vehicles. We also liked the look of both the Ford Explorer and Ford Flex. Both have the space and safety you need plus the space. All carry a similar a standard 3.5 liter, v6 engine with the option for a V8. None of these vehicles will ever blow anyone of the line in terms of speed but they all have a distinguished look that doesn't say minivan. So if you're like me and you refuse to get a minivan just know that there are some great alternatives out there.



Thing Of The Day TO Be Happy About: Going to see a new movie

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