Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Got Joy

Hello. I hope you're having a great day today. I was inspired to write this piece by a buddy of mine. While having a conversation with said friend, I couldn't help but notice that they were joyless. It was as if they had lost all life. It seemed like no matter what we discussed,, the conversation always seemed to focus on the negative. I'd talk about The Detroit Lion's, they'd talk about how bad they've been in the past. I'd talk about the weather and they'd mention how they think the world is going to end. After our conversation was over, I found myself in a bad mood.  It felt like the sky was falling, the bills were past due and I didn't get paid. It also made me think about the things to be happy about. The friend I had the depressing conversation with is a very up beat person. They just were having a very crappy moment. They in-turn then shared there negative energy with me. Rather than giving them a shot of confidence, I joined them on their worrisome road. In hindsight I should have shared my joy with him.  At the end of  the day we all have joy. There is always something to be grateful and thankful for. Although, I would caution you to make sure your best moments aren't always "remember when" moments but, I'm looking forward to or this is great now moments.  I will also acknowledge that there are some folks going through some quite awful situations. Some people have bills past due, their relationships are on the verge of destruction, and their close to rock bottom if not their. Be encouraged and know this simple truth if you can find joy and happiness in this you darkest hour, you have nothing but good times ahead.  Have a great one.



Thing Of The Day To Be Happy About: Art and the beauty of shape.

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