Monday, November 21, 2016

Mixed Modern Family 

On This Weeks Episode  we sit down with Coach Tom
Mixed Modern Family S1 E5
We still deal with the P Grabbing

MIXED MODERN FAMILY - S1 E5 Coach Tom Staton

In this episode we talk sports, both football and basketball. I give my opinion on why viewership is down in the NFL ***SPOILER ALERT*** it’s the commercials.  We also talk a little basketball and protest. There’s also an honorable mention of pagers. The conversations gets meaty as we discuss forgiveness for others. It then ventures to how we have forgiveness for those that agree with us yet can’t forgive those who we oppose. Coach T educates us on restorative justice. I then admit to low EMOTIONAL intelligence. We then discuss why it’s important.  This episode is meaty folks but such a good listen.

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