Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An Ode to Middle Management

Sometimes I just need to remind myself it’s ok to scream, cuss, call people dirty names in my head…Then breathe.

It’s true working with people is becoming more challenging as the walls of our bubbles thicken through our own selfish agendas. Forgive me as I let loose my rage but I’m frustrated with all the different agendas of individuals in my work life. It seems like we all have our marching orders and those orders are to destroy each other in the process of achieving the company KPI’s. 

I’m reminded of a lyric…

"We don’t need another hero, we don’t need to know the way home, all we want is life beyond the Thunderdome!” 

I don’t need another guy dissecting what I’m doing and IF I’m doing it right. I need someone to get in the trench and dig next to me. Don’t need you to judge my style and stance. Just dig motherfucker!

You can call this an ode to middle management. We need your support not your attention to detail. We need you to provide solutions not just more work. You are there to carry out orders but that does not make you any less of a leader. 

Lead first, manage second. 

Set your personal agenda aside and let’s make this about us. 

I won’t stand behind you if you won’t stand beside me. What you’re seeing in this writing is anger, rage, misunderstanding and frustration. This is MY outlet and with that I am letting go and moving on. I share this not as a diss to management but as a support to all working in “The Matrix” aka corporate America. 

Now that I got that out I will set aside my person frustration with the approach or lack thereof the various people I must answer to. 

I will NOT take their emails personal. 

I will respond with positivity and enthusiasm…with a slight hint of sarcasm because unlike Neo, I took the red pill SO I have to swallow it. Ah…! Tastes just like I thought it would. 

So, have a great day. I hope this blog entry brightens your day. If not, I hope at a minimum it helps you know you’re not alone. Just know you are liked, you are loved, but most importantly, just know that you are ok. 

Until next time, be love.

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