Monday, January 2, 2012

The Start Of Something New

I would first like to say good bye to 2011. It was the best of times but secertly it was the worst of times. Some days, weeks, months, and years can be ushered out faster than others. For me, 2011 was one of those years. The good news is that life moves in cycles and everything that begins will end. I decided not to make any stupid new years resolutions this year. I dont feel the need to lie to myself. Instead what I have done was put togother a list of goals to accomplish for the coming year. I have also put together an action plan on how to achieve those goals. I always have to remind myself life isn't about setting goals. It's about achieveing them. As we all go forward into this new year, let's focus on achieving.

Thing #4 To Be Happy About: The chance to start over.

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