Sunday, April 23, 2017

S2 E14 - We Talk Autism

Autism; what is it?

That's what we learn on this week’s episode as #MMFAM originals Matt & Beth, join Mrs K and I to walk us through their family's journey with Autism.

With two incredible, autistic children, Matt and Beth know all the layers, the true trials and real triumphs of Autism. From seeing their children's brilliant minds, to embracing the way the world impacts them, Matt and Beth help to educate us on the understanding that no two experiences on the Spectrum are the same and show us just how grateful a family can be to have gotten this diagnosis.

It's a jam packed episode, with laughs and love and wisdom and perspective from these two, so join us for the ride.

And stick around till the end as we have some first time, special guests to close out the episode.

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