Monday, March 13, 2017

S2 E9 | The Sam Anderson Episode - Relationships, Spirituality & Dad stuff

This week, we look at another side of the Mixed Modern Family experience as we talk with Sam Anderson. Father of four, husband, and Pastor, Sam walks with me through the sucky parts of marriage, diversity in the church, and filling out that Nissan Envy.

Sam is a truth preaching, dad life loving, down to earth dude, keepin it 100. And this episode is jam packed with #mmfam topics like babies and our babes. Sam also schools us on ‘soul care’ and how it plays into this new political climate. Plus, I poke a little to find out if everyone really is welcome at church, like the sign says.

In the end, Sam shares his perspective (brought to you by thee JC) about why the goal is unity and the way is grace and forgiveness and caring for each other more than we care for ourselves. Food for thought. I’ll bite.

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