Monday, January 16, 2017


Happy New Year Everyone and welcome to 2017! We took some time to recharge the batteries and reconnect with our loved ones.  If your holiday season was like ours, you had good intentions on limiting the gifts for the kids but quickly got carried away.

Now we’re all trying to figure out where all the extra STUFF is going to go.  

If you’ve already fallen short on your news resolution for 2017, just know that it’s never too late to start over. You don’t need to wait to 2018. No need to get down on yourself. We all fall down to get back up.

This episode, we look back at the inception of Mixed Modern Family and it’s origin story. Mixed Modern Family was a response to the ever growing disconnect in society. It’s my story. It’s a response. It’s my attempt to share perspectives.

We are here to illuminate stories of human beings. So help us. Laugh with us. Learn with us as we kick off Season 2.

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Lisa of - Thank you for helping to make the website what it is. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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