Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Beginnings

Well here we go. My first blog. What does one write about on their first blog?  An opinion on current events? Perhaps an introspective piece? Maybe you just start by telling people what you think they want to here. I started this blog because I had one or two of those life changing events that cause you to reevaluate EVERYTHING. I lost my job last week and the funny thing about it is I feel better than every. I feel like Puffy when he got fired by L.A. Reid. I feel like Steve Jobs when he got let go by Apple. I feel like Eminem when he debuted his album on WJLB.  I guess what I'm trying to say is I feel GREAT. I'm sure it wont be a walk in the park but, somehow I just know everything is going to be just fine. I thought of this blog with a very dear friend of mine. Actually,  what really happened was that she told me about her blog and how popular it had become. Inspired by her writing and her success, I put it on my to do list.  You know that list of things you day dream about doing "when you have time"? For me, that time ironically is now... because i'm looking for a job.

This blog will not be mine alone. It'll be a blog for my wife and I and maybe one day our babies.  We are an interracial family, living in a wilting metropolis. I wanted to share our story for others who come from a not so traditional family. Selfishly, I'm doing this for me but, also so others know their not alone in their life experiences. We will blog about our life lessons. So cheers, I hope you enjoy our blog and  it helps you along the way.

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